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Jan 25 2018

5 Essential Pieces of Elderly Advice

Post by: Conor Denton

Elderly advice has the power to compel you towards success or help you avert life’s negativity. The chances are high that you’ll find some value in it regardless of whether you plan to use it right away or not. Seniors most times share wisdom about their experience in life. However, most people ignore whatever they’re saying. Do you take time to think about the advice you get from senior adults? Well, you might hear this advice today and ignore it, but you will surely need it anytime.

A group of senior citizens sitting and talking in the park.

Why listen to seniors?

Most times, great advice comes more from mistakes than perfection. Seniors have good intentions when they offer advice which might spare you from mishaps and heartaches. Invaluable advice from seniors can help you make better choices regarding your health, romance, money, career and various other decisions.

What makes older adults wise?

Experience and knowledge make up for the ability to learn and process information as you age. Seniors usually make wise financial and strategic decisions that young people. This is because they typically weigh immediately and delay benefits of various outcomes. It makes them make smart choices. Here’s some advice to learn from seniors.

Mind your health and finances

Taking care of your health and finances is essential. This is possible through eating better and doing exercises regularly. If you put on weight when you’re young, it’ll be very hard to lose it when you age. And, if you begin eating very high calories, the chances are hard that you’ll continue with it. Your metabolism will eventually slow down leading to putting on weight.

Avoid falling into the credit trap by living within your means. Perhaps you save with the things you want and the pay cash. Some people buy on credit and then pay interest on the purchase price. It becomes too hard to change such pattern.

All your extra income will end up going into credit card payments. You risk ending up with no money to save. It will be hard for you to purchase anything with cash. In case of an emergency, it’ll be very hard to survive.

Mix work with actual life

Your job offers the means to do what’s important in life. So, work diligently but live for your family. Don’t consider your job as a 9 to 5 money making scheme which interrupts your life. It’s what drives you in life.

You must love your work since it’s essential in your life. It would be better if you involved your family. Perform well at your job but spare time to take your family out for a treat. Your kids love seeing the great devotion you have towards your work. However, ensure to make them feel more important than your work.

However demanding your job might be, avoid becoming a workaholic. Always find time to help your children with their homework or bath them. Do things which make your kid think you’re so cool. It doesn’t have to be so obvious. This is the trick to get involved in your child’s upbringing and to bond with them.

It doesn’t end with the kids, let your partner know you care as well. You can telecommute from each other’s office or do some assignments together. It’s an excellent time for some quality time between two introverts. Its okay to devote time to your work but don’t separate it from your family.

Do things you love

Children grow so fast which makes grandchildren so wonderful. You will realize this as you age. So, it’s important to appreciate and savor every moment with your grandchildren and children. It’s very surprising how time flies. Do some of the things you love when you have the chance. Live your life and go to the place you can afford to go.

Remember to live life with ears open. Take into account other’s opinions, especially those who are willing to offer elderly advice. By following these principles and listening to others, you should find yourself much more intuitive.

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