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Feb 13 2018

5 Best GPS Products For Those Needing Memory Care

Post by: Conor Denton

Memory care issues, like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia erase a person’s memory so that surroundings and people become unfamiliar. The progression of the disease rapidly destroys brain cells and causes forgetfulness and disorientation. People frequently wander away from home due to confusion, and until recently this has been a serious concern for caregivers. However, dementia and GPS tracking devices are “all the buzz” these days. They provide continuous monitoring of your loved one, which in turn, brings more peace of mind to you.

Best GPS Trackers To Help With Memory Care 

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TRAX GPS Tracker

The TRAX GPS system allows you to set up “geofences” which consist of personal safe zones that you create for your loved one. As soon as he/she leaves the personal safe zone, you will be alerted. The ‘Augmented Reality” feature allows you to locate your family member using your smartphone. Simply move your phone around you, and when you are pointing in the right direction, an indicator will appear telling you the precise location of your loved one.

Mindme Locate

The Mindme motto is, Always there, Everywhere. The Mindme Locate was designed for people with dementia or learning disabilities. The device is small and can be worn as a pendant, placed in a belt pouch or carried on a key ring. You can carry the device for 48 hours before recharging the battery. Mindme uses satellites to determine your family member’s location and has a track record of accuracy up to 10 meters. Locations are updated every 4 minutes on the company’s website so that you always know your loved one’s whereabouts.

Pocketfinder GPS Tracker

The Pocketfinder GPS tracker is a small device about the size of a keychain. Cutting-edge technology allows you to be alerted from your smartphone or computer if your loved one wanders too far. Users can either log into the Pocketfinder website or download the free mobile app for Android and Apple iOS devices. Not only does “Track Mode” promise to locate your family member in less than 10 seconds, but it will also inform you of the precise speed and direction he or she is heading!

Spot Gen3

Spot Gen3 is a pocket-sized device that prides itself on being sturdy and reliable. The “Check-In” feature allows your loved one to send a message when they’re out of cell phone range. They can send you a pre-programmed text message with his/her exact GPS coordinates linked to Google Maps. Additionally, the S.O.S. feature allows your loved one to press a button that notifies the GEOS International Emergency Response Center. This organization will share your family’s members location with local response teams.

GPS SmartSole

The GPS SmartSole is is a smartphone hidden and sealed inside a shoe insole. It uses GPS technology and is charged like your smartphone. The company’s major selling points are that SmartSole is discreet, non-invasive and your loved one won’t forget to bring it or turn it on! The system works because it’s backed by the science of procedural memory that originates in your subconscious mind. Since you can’t unlearn skills embedded in your unconscious, it stands to reason that dementia patients never forget to put on their shoes.

With so much technology changing the way we navigate the world, it’s no wonder why GPS tracking devices are becoming a common tool used by people worldwide for those needing memory care. Dementia can cause serious implications for sufferers and caregivers alike, and it’s reassuring to know that advancements in technology are helping keep people safe.

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