Landmark Senior Living
Landmark Senior Living
An older couple smiling because they are happy with the assisted living facility they choose to assist with their senior care.

Four Types Of Senior Care Explained

  Ideally, we’d all like to age in place. But sometimes, this just isn’t an option. That’s why it doesn’t hurt to know the different types of existing eldercare. Generally, when talking […]

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A pair of blue walking shoes. Having quality shoes can help with fall prevention

Best Tips For Fall Prevention In Seniors

  According to the 2017 US Census Bureau report, the population of those aged 65 and over currently stands at about 47.8 million. The report further stated that there would be 78 […]

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A woman out on a walk. Exercise is one of the healthy habits seniors can practice.

10 Habits For Seniors To Promote Healthy Aging

  With progressive aging, our body undergoes a lot of changes. These changes can be positive, like gaining experience, becoming wiser, an increase in maturity level, etc. However, aging has its disadvantages […]

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A bench in the middle of a flower field. Many seniors today are facing social isolation

Health Effects of Social Isolation and Loneliness on the Elderly

  We all feel a bit lonely sometimes. But we usually overcome the feeling in a short space of time and think nothing of it once it has passed. The effects loneliness […]

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An older woman smiling thinking about senior living

4 Things To Reconsider As You Change Over To Senior Living

  Growing older is something that, despite our world’s several technological advances, we haven’t quite figured out how to slow down yet. It is a natural process, and before you know it, […]

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A couch inside a living room. There are many signs you should move your loved one to an assisted living facility.

Signs You Should Move A Loved One To An Assisted Living Facility

  Do you have a senior in your life you care deeply about? It can be hard watching a loved one age, especially since you want them to maintain a great quality […]

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The outside of an emergency room. The reason seniors visit the ER varies.

Escaping Emergencies: Why Seniors Visit the ER

When you have elderly loved ones in your life, it pays to familiarize yourself with the most common reasons that seniors visit the ER. As the global population ages, the number of […]

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A dog and a cat snuggling in the grass outdoors. Getting a pet for seniors can provide many benefits.

Furry Friends: The Benefits Of Pets For Seniors

Dogs have a longstanding reputation as man’s best friend, but many other pets for seniors can be beneficial, too.   Almost 30% of American seniors who live in a community live alone. […]

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A woman showing real estate listings.

What To Do With Your Home Before Moving To Assisted Living

  When you need a little extra help, assisted living can give you back your freedom and quality of life. Before you start enjoying all of the perks that assisted living has […]

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A woman having fun and blowing bubbles during her stay at a respite care facility

Benefits Of Respite Care

  Respite care is a term used for a temporary break or rest from caregiving work.    It might be that you’re caring for an elderly loved one but you’re heading on […]

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