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An individual washing their hands in order to protect themselves from the flu

How to Protect Seniors from The Flu

  It’s no secret that seniors are at heightened risk of developing serious complications as a result of flu but why is this? Well, it’s largely a direct result of your immune […]

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A violin. Individuals can begin expressing creativity by playing music

5 Ways to Express Your Creativity as You Age

  While aging can be challenging in many ways, there’s no need for that to stop you from finding new ways to express creativity even if your life is changing radically. In […]

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A woman helping to keep a man calm who is sundowning.

Helping Seniors Who Have Chronic Pain

  Chronic pain is pain that lasts for 3 to 6 months or longer. It can be distressing seeing your elderly relative or loved one suffering from chronic pain so what can […]

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A dog and a cat snuggling in the grass outdoors. Getting a pet for seniors can provide many benefits.

5 Things Seniors Should Consider Before Adopting A Pet

  Adopting a pet can bring about many benefits as you enter your golden years. Studies have shown that as little as 15 minutes of interaction with an animal can trigger a […]

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A stethoscope used by a vet

Taking The Pressure Off High Blood Pressure

  High blood pressure is also known as hypertension and commonly referred to as the silent killer.   How does high BP earn this ominous name?   Well, some episodes of stroke […]

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A bowl of granola. Individuals suffering from malnutrition often aren't hungry

Signs of Malnutrition In The Elderly

  Today, we’ll be examining the signs of malnutrition in the elderly population.   It’s a perfectly normal part of the aging process for your body to undergo a physiological decrease in […]

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An older couple smiling because they are happy with the assisted living facility they choose to assist with their senior care.

Assisted Living Facilities Vs Nursing Homes

  Are you reaching that stage in life where you need some assistance with daily living? If so, you might be a little confused about the difference between assisted living facilities and […]

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A woman talking to her mother about her chronic pain

Must Haves For A Senior Apartment

When you start researching suitable senior apartments, what you’re really looking for is a home-from-home.   Moving to any form of assisted living facility is a significant life change so you need […]

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A doctor who can help diagnose pneumonia

Symptoms of Pneumonia: Prevention & Care

  If you have an elderly relative, being aware of some of the most common symptoms of pneumonia is sound practice. As winter has you reaching for your coat and cranking up […]

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An individual washing their hands in order to prevent pneumonia

Protecting Your Loved Ones From Coronavirus And The Flu

  What Is The Coronavirus As the winter months are coming to an end, the flu is still on the rise. The CDC estimates that there are around 9 million cases of […]

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