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Landmark Senior Living
A cup of coffee. Caffeine and seniors are a good mix in moderation.

Caffeine and Seniors: The Ideal Mix

  Caffeine and seniors can be a match made in heaven or fairly problematic so we’re here today to clear up how you should approach caffeine as you advance in years. The […]

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An older couple smiling at eachother thinking about how they are aging gracefully

Aging Gracefully – Embrace the Golden Years

  We all age differently, but the very process of aging comes with the same challenges to each one of us, changing our lives as we know it. Some of the changes […]

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A bowl of fresh vegetables over rice. Having a healthy diet can lead to better sleep.

Weight Loss Tips For Seniors

As the years have passed you may have noticed that you’re a little bit heavier than you used to be. Weight gain is very common for seniors, and metabolic and hormone changes […]

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A stethoscope at a doctors office. Pets for seniors can help with overall health in older adults.

Immunizations for Seniors

  Aging adults are at heightened risk of infectious diseases so immunizations are vital. As you get older, your immune system weakens in a phenomenon known as immunosenescence. As innate and adaptive […]

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An old man holding his cane while thinking about the benefits of the flu shot for seniors

The Importance of the Flu Shot for Seniors

  With fall giving way to winter, the issue of the flu shot for seniors raises its head once again. For younger individuals, the flu is a minor nuisance involving a couple […]

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A stethoscope used by a doctor who provides flu shots to seniors

Elder Care: Doctors Every Senior Needs To Visit

  Elder care takes on many forms and starts with having the right doctors in place. As you age, different medical concerns start to arise. Just as babies have specialized needs best […]

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A brand new mattress in a bedroom. Getting a new bed can help with better sleep.

How Seniors Can Get Better Sleep This Winter

  As babies, we need an average of 16-20 hours of sleep per day. However, as we age the amount of shut-eye we require decreases significantly. It’s common knowledge that most adults […]

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An older man in physical therapy learning about weight loss tips.

Responding To Guilt After Moving Family To Senior Living

  Moving a loved one to senior living is one of the toughest decisions an individual can face. Even if all evidence suggests a transition away from home is essential, it’s still […]

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An older couple enjoying their time at the beach. A day at the beach can improve your health.

How A Day At The Beach Can Improve Your Health

  A day at the beach isn’t just an opportunity for fun. Believe it or not, a day at the beach can improve your health. In fact, these benefits have been scientifically […]

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An elderly couple discussing the financial options of moving to a senior living care facility.

How To Afford Senior Living Care

Making a move into senior living care can be unsettling for an individual before they even divulge into the financials associated with the move. If you don’t have adequate financial resources from […]

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