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A pair of hands.

Preventing And Managing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  Carpal tunnel syndrome or CTS is described as the most common entrapment neuropathy (nerve damage), and it’s a diverse and complex condition.   CTS is characterized by the compression of the […]

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An older man outside and thinking about dementia

Aging or Dementia? Signs to Help You Know the Difference

  As you approach your late 60s, it’s vital to be aware of your mental health and to look out for the signs of dementia so you can plan for old age. […]

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Headphones that seniors can use to listen to music services

5 Music Services to Start Using Right Now

  One of the effects of the global pandemic is an increase in demand for music services.   With everyone spending much more time at home, this is hardly surprising. What can […]

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An older woman playing a phone game

Online Games That Can Help Beat Boredom

  With the global pandemic still unresolved, online games can provide valuable comfort against boredom.   Playing games online can also alleviate stress and depression triggered by the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.   […]

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Vitamins on a plate with oranges

 Tips for Arthritis Pain

  Arthritis pain affects tens of millions of American adults. Of the 54 million arthritis sufferers in the US, 1 in 4 have severe joint pain.   There are more than 100 […]

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A stethoscope used to listen to patients hearts

7 Common Health Concerns for Seniors

  Our increasingly aging population means health concerns for seniors are widespread.   Life expectancy in the United States is 78.6 years, according to the latest CDC figures. Data from 2016 showed […]

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A sliced open avocado. Avocados are great brain health foods

10 Brain Health Foods to Eat Right Now

  Since you’re currently spending more time at home, we’re bringing you a collection of brain health foods you should be eating right now.   While cognitive decline is part and parcel […]

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A toothbrush with toothpaste. A toothbrush is a great first step for oral health

Why Is Oral Health Important As We Age?

  The oral health care of aging adults should never be neglected.   As we grow older, our teeth age with us. While the dental issues we experience as we age don’t […]

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A woman smiling at the camera

Tips for Keeping Your Body & Mind Healthy During Quarantine

  The COVID-19 pandemic has been a trying time for people all over the world. People of all ages and backgrounds have been forced to stay at home during these uncertain times; […]

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A group of plants on a wooden shelf

Grow your Garden: Easy Plants to Care For 

  If you like the idea of a garden brimming with foliage but you have little time or inclination for endless yard work, don’t lose hope.   Not all plants are labor-intensive […]

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