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Write For Us

Write for Landmark Senior Living

Too often, the stories of our elderly population get relegated to the sidelines to make way for the voices of the youth. We can’t afford to lose the valuable wisdom and experience of our seniors, so at Landmark we are dedicated to elevating those voices through our own platform, the Landmark Senior Living blog.


If you or a loved one are interested in contributing to our blog with personal stories, advice, or helpful information, please take a look at some of the guidelines below.


Guidelines for Submission:

Guest Post Submissions:

  • At least 1000+ words
  • Must be original, relevant, and informative
  • Will be posted based on approval from Landmark Content team
  • Can include links pending approval from Landmark Content team

 Posts must be focused around elderly topics such as assisted living, independent living, senior health and fitness, memory care, mental health for seniors, and other related topics.