Landmark Senior Living
Landmark Senior Living
An older couple smiling because they are happy with the assisted living facility they choose to assist with their senior care.

Assisted Living Facilities Vs Nursing Homes

  Are you reaching that stage in life where you need some assistance with daily living? If so, you might be a little confused about the difference between assisted living facilities and […]

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Two older individuals in an assisted living facility enjoying a hike in the woods

Don’t Wait Too Long Before Moving Into Assisted Living

  This story isn’t intended to make you sad, but it’s vital you learn what could happen if you delay making a move into assisted living.   75-year-old David died in his […]

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The outside of an apartment building. Many individuals going into assisted living have to determine what to do with their home.

Options For Selling Your Home To Move Into Assisted Living

  Making the switch to assisted living is a major adjustment for anyone, which is why each decision that goes into the process is such a big deal. Finding the right assisted […]

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A couch inside a living room. There are many signs you should move your loved one to an assisted living facility.

Signs You Should Move A Loved One To An Assisted Living Facility

  Do you have a senior in your life you care deeply about? It can be hard watching a loved one age, especially since you want them to maintain a great quality […]

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A woman showing real estate listings.

What To Do With Your Home Before Moving To Assisted Living

  When you need a little extra help, assisted living can give you back your freedom and quality of life. Before you start enjoying all of the perks that assisted living has […]

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An older couple at an assisted living facility enjoying a nice day outside.

Assisted Living And Nursing Homes: What’s the Difference?

  If you or a senior loved one are getting to that stage in life where you need a helping hand, you have more options than a regular nursing home. With more […]

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A couple holding hands while thinking about moving their parents to an assisted living facility

Signs Your Parent Might Need An Assisted Living Facility

  An assisted living facility is a housing amenity built for seniors or individuals who struggle with daily activities or cannot live independently anymore. Assistance is provided with medication, personal care, and […]

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Difference Between Assisted Living & Respite Care

When your parents enter their golden years, you need to accept the reality of residential care whether that’s respite care, assisted living or memory care. Just as it can be confusing for […]

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The Benefits of Moving to an Assisted Living Facility

  If you’re wondering whether it might be time to consider moving into an assisted living facility, what can you expect to find? Well, once you’re done decluttering your home and you’re […]

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What Is Assisted Living?

Have you noticed that your loved one, maybe your mother or father, is having trouble with some basic activities such as bathing and dressing; a popular question on your mind might be […]

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