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A woman smiling at the camera

Tips for Keeping Your Body & Mind Healthy During Quarantine

  The COVID-19 pandemic has been a trying time for people all over the world. People of all ages and backgrounds have been forced to stay at home during these uncertain times; […]

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A group of plants on a wooden shelf

Grow your Garden: Easy Plants to Care For 

  If you like the idea of a garden brimming with foliage but you have little time or inclination for endless yard work, don’t lose hope.   Not all plants are labor-intensive […]

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A man looking through binoculars to find volunteer activities

The Best Volunteer Activities for Seniors

  With loneliness and isolation commonplace in seniors, engaging in volunteer activities can help reinvigorate a flagging social life.   Perhaps your adult children live far away, maybe your spouse has died […]

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An older man wearing headphones and smiling because he is enjoying his podcast

Senior-Friendly Podcasts

  If you’re searching for fresh ideas to keep your senior loved ones mentally stimulated and inspired, have you ever considered podcasts?   If you didn’t already know, podcasts are series of […]

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A woman practicing mindfulness as she walks down the street

Mindfulness Activities to Keep Your Spirits Up

  Mindfulness activities can help seniors cope with the loneliness and depression that aging often brings. These activities can also slow down the degeneration of cognition.   The key to keeping a […]

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A vintage TV. A fun activity is looking over old home movies.

The Best TV Shows and Movies to Watch

  Finding the best TV shows and movies to watch is more important than ever with everyone spending even more time at home right now.   Even under normal conditions, many seniors […]

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Puzzle pieces. A puzzle is a great way to pass time and keep your brain active

Fun Activities You Can Do Indoors

  Whether you’re suffering from a loss of mobility or you’re self-isolating right now against the threat of COVID-19, there are plenty of indoor activities to keep you occupied. We’ve tried to […]

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A violin. Individuals can begin expressing creativity by playing music

5 Ways to Express Your Creativity as You Age

  While aging can be challenging in many ways, there’s no need for that to stop you from finding new ways to express creativity even if your life is changing radically. In […]

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A man sitting on a bench reading a newspaper and learning about the benefits of reading as we age

Benefits Of Reading As We Age

  A Yale study showed that reading for 3 ½ hours each week extends your life by 23 months. Readers really do live longer! So, what other advantages can you reap if […]

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An older woman out for a walk while hanging out in Hobbs

Hanging Out In Hobbs: Fun Activities To Do:

  Are you a senior living in New Mexico or someone looking for a fun or weekend trip to Hobbs, New Mexico? Lucky for you, there are a ton of fun things […]

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