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A stethoscope used by a vet

Taking The Pressure Off High Blood Pressure

  High blood pressure is also known as hypertension and commonly referred to as the silent killer.   How does high BP earn this ominous name?   Well, some episodes of stroke […]

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A bowl of granola. Individuals suffering from malnutrition often aren't hungry

Signs of Malnutrition In The Elderly

  Today, we’ll be examining the signs of malnutrition in the elderly population.   It’s a perfectly normal part of the aging process for your body to undergo a physiological decrease in […]

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A doctor who can help diagnose pneumonia

Symptoms of Pneumonia: Prevention & Care

  If you have an elderly relative, being aware of some of the most common symptoms of pneumonia is sound practice. As winter has you reaching for your coat and cranking up […]

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An individual washing their hands in order to prevent pneumonia

Protecting Your Loved Ones From Coronavirus And The Flu

  What Is The Coronavirus As the winter months are coming to an end, the flu is still on the rise. The CDC estimates that there are around 9 million cases of […]

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A woman holding up a pair of glasses

Glaucoma Symptoms and Care

  Glaucoma is highly misunderstood, and recognizing glaucoma symptoms in you or your loved ones can help to prevent the blindness associated with the disease.   We’ll walk you through these symptoms […]

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A bench in the middle of a flower field. Many seniors today are facing social isolation

Health Effects of Social Isolation and Loneliness on the Elderly

  We all feel a bit lonely sometimes. But we usually overcome the feeling in a short space of time and think nothing of it once it has passed. The effects loneliness […]

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The outside of an emergency room. The reason seniors visit the ER varies.

Escaping Emergencies: Why Seniors Visit the ER

When you have elderly loved ones in your life, it pays to familiarize yourself with the most common reasons that seniors visit the ER. As the global population ages, the number of […]

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Coffee beans in the shape of a heart. There are many heart-healthy options seniors can eat

Happy Hearts: The Best Heart Healthy Options

  Eating a balanced diet with plenty of heart healthy options becomes increasingly important as you get older. More than 1 in 3 American adults have some form of cardiovascular disease. Of […]

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A stethoscope at a doctors office. Getting your vision and hearing checked is important for fall prevention.

Immunizations for Seniors

  Aging adults are at heightened risk of infectious diseases so immunizations are vital. As you get older, your immune system weakens in a phenomenon known as immunosenescence. As innate and adaptive […]

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A stethoscope used by a doctor who provides flu shots to seniors

Elder Care: Doctors Every Senior Needs To Visit

  Elder care takes on many forms and starts with having the right doctors in place. As you age, different medical concerns start to arise. Just as babies have specialized needs best […]

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