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An older man using his laptop to help his grandchildren with homework during quarantine

How To Keep Your Mind Active During Quarantine

  As people worldwide are continuing to self-isolate, it’s vital to safeguard your mental health during quarantine.   The World Health Organization has published guidelines on helping yourself during the pandemic. WHO […]

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An older woman dancing on her vacation

Preparing for a Trip as a Senior: 5 Things You Need to Do

  Traveling is something people of all ages look forward to and enjoy doing, and will continue to do after the pass of COVID-19. Traveling, whether it’s across the globe, or simply […]

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A young woman showing her grandfather how to use a cell phone

How to Stay Connected with Loved Ones During Quarantine

  COVID-19 is causing worldwide fear leading to the enforcement of home quarantine in an attempt to stop the virus spreading.   Social support and a positive outlook both help when you’re […]

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An individual using a kindle. By learning technology tips, seniors can utilize things like a kindle

Technology Tips to Learn Today

  Even if you’ve been resistant to technology tips in the past, perhaps you’re starting to wish you were a little more tech-savvy now that we’re all spending more time at home. […]

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A man face timing with his loved ones

How to Overcome the Challenges of Self Isolation

One of the biggest challenges posed by the Coronavirus is the fact that it has forced large numbers of people into self-isolation. While we’re all aware of the importance of such a […]

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An individual washing their hands in order to protect themselves from the flu

How to Protect Seniors from The Flu

  It’s no secret that seniors are at heightened risk of developing serious complications as a result of flu but why is this? Well, it’s largely a direct result of your immune […]

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A woman helping to keep a man calm who is sundowning.

Helping Seniors Who Have Chronic Pain

  Chronic pain is pain that lasts for 3 to 6 months or longer. It can be distressing seeing your elderly relative or loved one suffering from chronic pain so what can […]

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A dog and a cat snuggling in the grass outdoors. Getting a pet for seniors can provide many benefits.

5 Things Seniors Should Consider Before Adopting A Pet

  Adopting a pet can bring about many benefits as you enter your golden years. Studies have shown that as little as 15 minutes of interaction with an animal can trigger a […]

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A woman talking to her mother about her chronic pain

Must Haves For A Senior Apartment

When you start researching suitable senior apartments, what you’re really looking for is a home-from-home.   Moving to any form of assisted living facility is a significant life change so you need […]

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A dinner plate with fresh salmon on it. Oily fish is a great option for seniors with diabetes

What Should Seniors With Diabetes Eat?

  According to a 2017 CDC Report, 9.4% of Americans over 65 have diabetes. For seniors with diabetes, this condition can lead to other chronic illnesses such as heart disease, cardiovascular disease, […]

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