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Nov 13 2017

Modern Day Senior Living: 3 Ways It Has Changed

Post by: Conor Denton

In the past, the idea of moving out of your home and into senior living communities always had a negative connotation to it. It’s been said that your “moving into an old folks home where you go to die,” as if it was some cold hospice center where you wait out your final days, unable to take care of yourself.

While senior living has changed dramatically over the years, it still carries with it the negative reputation from the past. However, often when older adults make a move to a reputable and distinguished senior living setting they find that much of what they heard is false.

Elderly man laughing at camera with other senior residents in the background

Three ways senior living has changed:

1) Living life to the fullest

When you consider what senior living used to be, you can see that the overall lifestyle for older adults has improved dramatically. The whole mentality around senior living went from ‘a place to die’ to ‘living life to the fullest.’ The communities have evolved to offer a wide range of choices for you to take advantage of.

There’s no doubt that you’ll want to be active and enjoy life while keeping some aspects of your life private. As we age, some tasks start to become more difficult. Living alone in a large family house will become more challenging and moving in with family can put an undue burden on everyone.

Senior living facilities offer the best the world has to offer while taking away the chores and extra work living on your own would entail. For example, imagine a world where you have a nice yard and outdoor space to enjoy WITHOUT the lawn-mowing! Household chores, including cleaning, vacuuming, and laundry can all be taken care of for you.

2) Privacy

One of the main issues people might have with a nursing home is the lack of privacy. You might believe that you’ll be moving into a large hospital room with sick people moving in and out all the time. In truth, that’s not what a senior living facility is. You get to live life to the fullest while enjoying the same amount of privacy you did before.

Senior living communities do not aspire to take away your freedom and independence. You get to live in a comfortable, up-to-date, and stylish suite, not a cold hospital room. It’s like having a fancy apartment, but you live among your friends and receive help and care as often as you need. If you still enjoy doing certain chores, keep doing them!

3) You’re Not Alone

Yes, the previous point was about privacy, but if we want our golden years to be golden truly, then we need to stay as healthy and active as possible. Getting older can be a lonely time. Your kids are likely busy with their families, and there may be a time when we find ourselves without our spouse. Thankfully, senior living facilities take care of that.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of senior living communities is spending time like-minded individuals and making friendships. Most centers love having events, crafts, fellowship, nights out, and any other extracurricular activity you can find outside the facility.

If you’re one of those people inclined to keep to yourself, you have that option. But, if you’re prone to loneliness and want to get out more often, you can do that too. You’re never required to participate, but the type of social life you desire will be at your fingertips and within reach.

Next Steps

Getting older doesn’t have to be stressful. You are still in full control of your life, your privacy, and how active you choose to be. Landmark Senior Living exists to provide a comfortable and peaceful environment to older adults who need assistance with tasks from time to time. Always helpful. Never intrusive.

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