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Jan 11 2018

13 Reasons Why You Need A Senior Living Center

Post by: Sara Niemiec

More Americans, including those in a senior living center are living longer. It explains why there’s a need to provide long-term care for individuals who are 65 plus. The aging Americans, like you, have created an unprecedented demand for senior living as well as health care options.

You need assistance suiting your needs and preferences when the time comes. It might not be that easy to decide on leaving your family. You should think about your needs and the potential benefits of increased socialization plus living in a safe environment to help you when your memory begins to decline.

What is senior living?

A senior living community is a setting for older adults that features a combination of accommodation and essential services. It primarily focuses on health, wellness, personal care, hospitality, nutrition and dining for all residents. According to CDC, there were 30,200 residential care communities in 2014, and the figures have grown by now.

There are various options for senior living including:

  • Independent living – if you can take care of yourself, the facility offers a range of services for your comfort, convenience, plus socialization suiting your lifestyle.
  • Assisted living – here, you get customized assistance regarding activities of daily living. These have strong consideration on protecting your independence, dignity, and quality of life.
  • Continued care – the community offers you a variety of care and living options including those in assisted living, independent living, and nursing care.
  • Memory care – this offers specialized care when you have cognitive decline.


Here’s Why You Need A Senior Living Community 

A man playing chess. He is in a pondering pose thinking about why he should move to a senior living facility.

Healthy living is a possibility

Aging makes taking care of your body and staying in good health harder. Luckily, a reliable senior living center offers services to make healthy living comfortable. You can indulge in healthy dieting, taking exercise classes or a staff member dedicated to helping you meet your health and wellness needs.

Living alone in later years might give you a lot of stress especially when you have health issues to deal with. In a senior living center, you have access to an emergency response system plus reliable staff to make you feel more secure and safe. It’s here that you will cherish the peace of mind which comes with dwelling in a senior living community.

No worries about maintenance

Senior living communities give you a variety of living options. Some have apartment residing on one large complex or are in a single-family home within a neighborhood. Regardless of which option you choose, there’s no need to worry about maintenance costs. The maintenance fees are part of the monthly fee.

This fee might cover outdoor maintenance, indoor maintenance, common grounds in the community plus some furnishings. Moving into a senior living center accommodation saves you from worries about lawn mowing, shoveling the driveway, fixing the water heater, plus any unexpected issues which might happen.

Great entertainment and socialization

Retirement is like getting back your college years. Here, socializing and entertaining activities once again are an essential aspect of life. You have a limitation on doing most of the things you would want to do. Reliable senior living centers know this, and plan activities and events to keep you busy. It might be a trip to the city, a cocktail hour, movie nights or tee time at the local golf course.

There’re activities tailored to meet your expectations. You have yourself to blame if you ever get bored, which is very unlikely.

Luxurious facilities

Living at home is sometimes a lot of work. It might not be possible to own or maintain a pool or fitness area. Imagine having a pool at your disposal anytime you wish at a senior living center! Reputable senior living communities have your comfort and luxury as their primary concern. So, they have facilities like fitness centers, pools, spas, gyms, and wellness programs. There’s no better place to retire. These exceptional amenities in a senior community might even make you believe you’re living at a resort.

Assistance whenever you need

Do you have health conditions which require immediate aid? You will get this at a senior living center. If anything happens and you need help, there is staff to attend to your emergency requirements. There are no more worries about living alone at your home. Your family will have peace of mind that there are caring people to take care of you in case of anything.

Making Friends with same interests

Do you remember when you last went out and met some interesting new people? Perhaps you just cling to family members since you don’t have any close friends anymore. And, you’re not sure how to make new ones your age. Persistent loneliness is bound to make you depressed. However, at a senior living center, you will meet new people with the same interests. These will create a new circle of friends which help reduce the effects of depression.

At a senior community, you will meet people of similar age, abilities, and interests. It will be a breeze to make friends. Having a group of friends to rely upon and spend time with makes you more inclined to become outgoing and active. This is a significant contribution to your overall happiness.

Accessibility and convenient care

The chances are high that you can’t do the same activities you used to when you were younger. So, it will be more comfortable living in a home with convenience and accessibility to care where you need help. Senior living centers put the needs of seniors in mind. Things like wider hallways and lower countertops ensure you live comfortably and independently as much as possible.

In case you need assistance, the center’s professional caregivers are available to offer on-spot care and attention. Furthermore, senior living centers are prepared to assist you with any medical needs you might have. They have an on-site nursing staff to ensure you understand your medical condition and access the assistance you need.

Never worry about yard work or housekeeping

In a senior living center, there’s no need to worry about cooking, housework or property upkeep. Staying at home comes with a lot of taxing chores. These include lawn mowing and cleaning the bathroom. There are various delightful moments of living in a senior living community-including not having to worry about those tasks anymore. These catered for in the services offered by the center.

Inclusive rent for most expenses

Senior living is more affordable than you thought. It costs money to stay in a senior living community, but a quick add up of your monthly living expenses at home is way higher. You have to keep up with various bills and accounts which make every beginning of the month hectic. Expenditures like cable, internet and property tax make senior living a cheaper option.

All those costs are part of the senior living fee. Furthermore, you have everything you need right here. So, you don’t need a car which piles up fuel and maintenance bills to get around. Senior living is, therefore, a better alternative when it comes to cost savings.

Enjoy better amenities at home

In a senior living center, there is an opportunity to enjoy your golden years. It saves you from spending time cooped up alone in your house. Here, you have access to a variety of exciting amenities and activities. Furthermore, you have no worries about preparing meals. The center offers residents three delicious and nutritious meals a day. There’s also a lot of socialization to make you active again all day long.

Furthermore, there’s also the convenience of having whatever you need so close to your home. You can take part in activities like adult education onsite. Special gourmet dining options are prepared by the professional chef, so you don’t have to go out. There’s also a chance to indulge in your favorite hobbies at the senior living center.

Staying fit

Staying fit is a good habit to maintain throughout your life. It helps to keep your body in good shape and prevents heart problems and obesity. With aging, you have to maintain a regular exercise routine. Reputable senior living centers provide a range of fitness classes with varying levels of exertion. You can easily find one at your center aiming at cardiovascular health. The fitness routine doesn’t have to be strenuous. When you’ve never done exercises before, taking a walk is a good option.

At a senior living center, there are walking groups and games to work the upper body. There might even be a pool for water aerobics easy on your joints and limbs. You’re bound to get a type of exercise to keep you fit.

Keep you active

When you have a busy schedule, the chances of getting bored and depression are minimal. Ensure to stay alive as a way to get better emotionally and physically. Things like visiting new places, attending shows or indulging in new hobbies, will stimulate your mind. Reliable senior living centers have facilities for recreational and social activities.

Regardless of whether you enjoy Bible study or dancing, there are plenty of things to keep you active in your golden years in a senior living community.

Get the most of your golden years

You will get more than you bargained for in a senior living community. At Landmark Senior Living, you will receive comprehensive and passionate care from highly qualified staff. In your golden years, this place will offer you comfortable accommodation, exciting entertainment, and wonderful amenities.

Each Community is Focused on Delivering the Highest Quality of Care to the Residents.