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Feb 06 2018

Why Older Adults Like Senior Living Communities

Post by: Conor Denton

Are you a senior that’s thinking it may be time to move, but unsure what to expect from a senior living community or assisted living facility? Most seniors felt the same way before making the transition. Read the reasons why older adults like senior living communities. This blog will put your mind at ease because you’re going to learn about the incredible benefits of senior living communities that make growing older fun!

Why Senior Living Communities Are Great

Senior woman smiling on camera outside of a senior living community

Convenience. What’s better than waking up in the morning to a freshly made breakfast and steaming cup of coffee? Not having to clean up after enjoying it! One of the many benefits of living in a senior living community is that you will have fewer housekeeping and cooking responsibilities. With that being said, the amount of your involvement in day-to-day activities is entirely up to you. The point is – you will have the opportunity to utilize housekeeping and personal care services if you choose to.

Need to go to a doctor’s appointment or want to take a trip into town? Rather than calling a cab or driving yourself, when you make the move to a senior living center, you will have to accessible transportation every day of the week. There is comfort in knowing that you won’t have to own a car but will have access to safe and reliable transportation whenever you need it.

There’s nothing worse than falling down in your home or experiencing a life-threatening stroke and being completely isolated from immediate medical attention. When you decide to retire to a senior living community, you’ll instantly feel like a twenty-pound weight has been lifted from your shoulders. Why?

If you get sick or injured, there are medically trained individuals who will tend to your immediate healthcare needs.

Most assisted living and retirement communities have 24-hour nursing care. This means that registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and nurse assistants will check on you on a routine basis. Nurses will administer all of your daily medicines at scheduled times and ensure that you are tolerating them well without side-effects or complications.

Family members of residents are especially grateful for the monitoring devices placed in their loved ones’ rooms. Call light systems alert staff when residents fall or wander away from common areas. This high-tech equipment also monitors smoke and motion detection, bed/chair exit pads, and provides equipment status updates.


Older adults love being able to get involved in the events hosted by the senior living community they belong to. There are opportunities to make new friends and socialize with other residents during group activities like yoga, painting class or a game of bridge.

Depression is the leading mental illness among older adults and can lead to severe anxiety, isolation, and eventually cause other health problems such as high blood pressure and heart problems. What is the best remedy for depression? It certainly doesn’t come in pill-form or result from anything that you can do by yourself…

Friendships are the most commonly reported benefit reported by residents living in senior living communities. Being able to share in the joys and pains of other older adults is a meaningful experience that is treasured for a lifetime. Connection to peers provides seniors something to look forward to every day and fills their lives with purpose and passion.

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