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Resident Spotlight

Anne Schmidt moved to Landmark at Monastery Heights over two and half years ago and she hasn’t regretted a day since! Anne was living by herself before coming to Monastery Heights. She was lonely and unable to get out and visit her friends or go shopping. While alone, Anne also recalls not eating well and lacking energy and happiness. Her family was also concerned about her so on the recommendation of a friend; they called Monastery Heights and set-up a tour.

When Anne stepped into the beautiful and bright lobby at Monastery Heights for her first time, she instantly felt the activity quit eappealing. A resident approached her and they instantly created a friendship. While still apprehensive, Anne was impressed with the apartments and delighted by the food. Knowing that she wanted and needed a change, Anne and her family decided to make the move!

Two and a half years later, Anne will tell you that she “loves it here”. Since joining the exercise and yoga classes, Anne reports feeling stronger and that her balance has improved. Instead of seeing a decline in her ambulation over the past few years, Anne feels as if she has improved her mobility and overall health. “The food is so good with a right balance of fresh fruit and vegetables, but of course, wonderful desserts!” Anne looks forward to meals among friends in the beautiful historic dining room filled with rich wood, an arched ceiling and large open windows.

Anne’s favorite activity at Monastery Heights is the Three-Letter-Word Game. She says she would play it every day! It forces her to think creatively and loves the humor it can create when they think “out of the box”. Anne’s other favorite past time is to sit on the patio in the early morning and listen to the birds. She watches the world around her wake up while she admires the grounds and passer-bys. Now, Anne is safe and happy doing the things she loves most, surrounded by community and support.

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