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Nov 14 2017

Staying Healthy In A Senior Living Community

Post by: Conor Denton

Getting older presents a wide variety of difficulties for our loved ones. As we find them increasingly limited in getting around, spending time with friends, and even driving a car, we all try our best to stay as healthy as possible. Sadly, it might not be enough. A lot of seniors spend most of their time alone and may need daily care.

 How Do Senior Living Communities Help?

A group of senior residents participating in a stretching routine

That’s where living in a senior community can be crucial to seniors and their overall well-being. They get the support they need as well as the freedom to remain independent at home. They will even help seniors stay as healthy as possible by not only becoming more physically active but mentally active as well.

They will have many opportunities to get involved in activities that encourage brain health and fights their chances of developing dementia and other disorders. Staying active, such as going on regular walks and minor workouts, is crucial as it keeps the muscles strong and keeps the brain and heart in good working shape.

Senior communities offer a wide-range of help to senior citizens, providing them the opportunity to remain independent while taking care of their needs. Trained professionals are available to help assist the senior. It can be anything from helping with chores and shopping for groceries, to having a nice, friendly visit to curb loneliness.

The great thing about staying active in a senior community is the resources seniors have at their disposal. They won’t have to worry about sustaining a life-threatening injury. They can find assistance wherever it’s needed. They understand that the secret to long life is remaining active mentally and physically, so they are there for that sole purpose.

Inactivity Causes Disease

It has long been acknowledged by medical professionals that inactivity comes with a price. Not only does it make one more susceptible to cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure, but it also impacts the brain at this late stage in life. Cognitive decline is a regular part of the aging process.

But as science continues to make breakthroughs in this field, it’s shedding light on the best treatments available. As our understanding of the brain continues to evolve, it has been discovered that the best prevention is indeed staying active. Eating the right types of nutrient-rich foods, combined with regular exercise, can help reverse the aging process somewhat.

Socialization is Key

Humans are social creatures. Whether we like to admit it or not, we need the help of other humans to survive. From the moment we’re born, our survival is linked to the efforts of others. The way we grow, develop, and learn are all filtered through the understanding and interpretations of our family, friends, and how the world is shaped around us.

Even those who tend to lean towards being more independent can attest to needing a helping hand, a kind word, a hug or two, advice, time out with friends, a companion, love, and marriage. It’s not just for survival either. Our need for others is directly linked to our level of happiness as well.

There’s no doubt that socializing makes us feel good as well. Whether it’s waiting in line at the grocery store, talking to the person next to you or being with family and friends, we become stimulated in ways that make us happy. In fact, it’s detrimental to our emotional well-being.

We all know that exercise and a proper diet are essential for our health, but the evidence here reveals that having an active social life can offer equivalent results to one’s health. While times have changed, we can take steps to become more social. Put away the cellphone at dinner. Have more family/game nights. Invite the neighbors over. Expand your network.

Next Steps

And soon, you might just find yourself living a longer, more fulfilled life. These are all advantages only senior living communities can provide. Whether it’s regular health check-ups, exercise, and/or socialization, senior communities were designed with YOU in mind to keep you as healthy and vibrant as possible.

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