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Apr 05 2018

Successful Aging

Post by: Conor Denton

How do you feel about getting older? Does the mere thought of retirement send chills down your spine and make you want to run for cover and start drinking anti-aging serums? Well, maybe it’s time to stop thinking about “retirement” and start thing about “successful aging.” Read on to understand the difference, and begin the process of growing older with intention, grace, and optimism.

An elderly couple riding a moped on a road while smiling and laughingA popular Forbes article, The Difference Between Retirement and Successful Aging” describes the key differences this way:

“Many people assume that retirement and successful aging are somehow the same, or at least intertwined together. However, they are not synonymous and in fact, are two very different factors that don’t merely merge as people make the transition from work-life to home -life.

One of the initial factors that keeps retirement and successful aging separate from each other has to do with the concept of aging itself. Yes, we all age, but many people don’t perceive the need to “age well” or at least age better until they retire. Making it appear like a linear process where one works through life, starts retirement, and then a few years later, begins to focus on aging well.

This is evident in conversations and workshops that I have conducted with baby boomers who identify their health as an area they need to improve, but often put it off with statements such as “When I’m retired, I’m going to walk every day… I’ll be at the gym every morning… or I’ll eat better and drink more water.”

In Healthy Aging in 2018, there is a message of moving forward in life with advancing age, and taking on challenges and new life experiences with great enthusiasm and energy:

“ New cultures, environments, and experiences challenge the brain to work in different ways. According to the Brain Health Centre, travel promotes both brain health and resilience. For most of us, it’s not old age that scares us; it’s unable to function in the same capacity as we did when we were younger. Losing our independence and vitality is a frightening thought, but we can age gracefully when we maintain an adventurous spirit and seek out new activities that take us out of our comfort zone.”

How about you? Are you ready to embrace your age and every beautiful experience, wrinkle, and profound insight that goes along with it?

Afterall, you’re not just a number. You are you.

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