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Dec 28 2017

5 Ways That Young People Can Connect with Older Adults

Post by: Sara Niemiec

Every one of us would want to stay young forever. I bet you had that thinking when you were young and vibrant. You probably thought it would be the case. Young people never cease to believe that their youth will be gone sooner than expected. They live life never feeling that things are soon to change and there’s no stopping it.

Pretty soon, your physical and mental capabilities are to lessen. You might be sitting in front of the mirror one day, and you might get scared of the person looking at you. It’s the stark reality staring back at you! This is the moment to realize how the years have caught up with you finally and there’s no turning back.

Seniors might find themselves no longer able to handle the things you could use before. They might find themselves alone since their spouse passed on. This is a moment of sheer fear, isolation, and loneliness. Do you know a senior who is alone and home bound? You should consider giving a helping hand. Become that friend they can truly appreciate. Even the slightest smile is very comforting for a senior.

Let’s look at how young people can connect with older folks.

Get To Know Them Better

Getting to know the person you are willing to help is they are not a family member is a great idea. If they are part of your relatives, you already have something about their life. Use this time to sit them down and reminisce about a few things.

If you’re befriending a new person, sit down and have a little chitchat. Be inquisitive as they reveal a few things about their past, present, and future life. Give them a chance to expose their fears. Make sure to listen and show you care. It will give them an opportunity to bond with your new friend.

A grandpa and granddaughter holding hands walking down to the lake.

Find Out Their Special Needs

When chatting with the senior living communities, listen carefully and figure out what their needs are. Do they have a problem meeting doctor’s appointments? Perhaps they need assistance getting groceries. Consider helping the, with housework. When visiting them, look out for any other support they might need and give it to them.

Always Treat Them With Respect

When dealing with a senior, ensure to treat them respectfully at all times. Keep in mind that some seniors are very proud to seek assistance. It might explain why some go unattended to. They are used to taking of themselves. So, these might not readily accept help even when they need it.

These might then resort to anger and depression. Do your best to respect their feelings when offering to help them. They will accept the assistance on realizing that you are a genuine friend.

Treat Seniors With Dignity

All of us deserve dignity, and older folks are no exception. Never treat a senior like a child. It’s very hurting and harmful to their esteem. You have never walked in their shoes. So you have no idea what they have gone through or their current feelings regarding the situation they are in. So, always tread carefully.

Make sure to make a big deal of everything when dealing with a senior. Otherwise, they might not need your assistance. They will feel better about themselves without you to belittle them. Know them better, and they will feel more comfortable with you. So, they will be more than willing to let you into their world.

The senior will let you know what gives them pleasure. If they enjoy gardening, it would be a clue for you to get them a fresh bouquet of flowers. It will brighten up their day. It’s the little things like these which will put a smile on the face of any older folk.

Keep Your Promises

Never make promises to a senior which you cannot keep. It’s essential always to show your older friend that you are a real friend who keeps their promises. Show them that you’re a person of high integrity and mean whatever you say. This is the best way to make them gain trust in you.

If you cannot handle anything, never promise to fulfill it. Never over promise what you cannot honestly deliver. Always let your older friend know things which you can handle and those which you cannot manage. It’s not a problem that there are things beyond your control. Revealing the truth will make your friend fully understand your abilities and offer a few words of kindness and compassion.

Perhaps you can’t always be there to check on them. Let your senior friend know it. Maybe they can only call you when they need your assistance. Never promise to check on them if you know you’re not going to make it. Honestly is a great virtue when dealing with seniors. Remember, they might be the only person who matters in their life, and they always look forward to your company.

Bottom Line

It’s a great idea to plan some occasional outings together with your home bound senior friend. Are they in a wheelchair? Consider taking them outside the block for a stroll around the park. It will be a great moment for both of you to enjoy the change of scenery together. Any effort on your behalf to change their view will be very much appreciated. Living in an assisted living facility that offers activities will also encourage bonding between older and younger adults.

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